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List of some of Bill's patents

US patents:
3,711,619 (1973)
3,902,394 (1975)
3,915,048 (1975)
3,916,751 (1975)
4,151,776 (1979)
4,364,295 (1982)
D279,380 (1985)
5,376,754 (1994)
5,789,691 (1998)
7,227,076 (2007)



From the Man Himself!

Bill Lawrence reveals information in Pickupology to help guitarist better understand magnetic guitar pickups and their function.

Please follow this section as more updates are planned, including additional publications and teaching videos by Bill, to continue with his direction to share his knowledge and teach players about pickups and sound. Newly added 7/16/2014!!!
The Imperfect Perfection of the Tempered Tuning

For For Tele Lovers

Bill Lawrence's demonstrating his Esquire Wiring 2013


Bill Lawrence at his best! Memphis, TN 1988 at the WC Handy Blues Award Show

You Tube clip of Bill playing at his January 2008 Namm booth -- WOW!!

Watch a small part of Bill's Namm Oral History Interview on 2/24/05

New! Enjoy Bill playing guitar at the Burriss Amp Booth in Austin, Texas Summer Namm Show 2007. Click Here



















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