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Sept 07 Germany - Photo by Patrick Jan van Hove

This site is devoted to the historical legacy of The Man from Cologne -- Musician, Designer and Craftsman Bill Lawrence -- and to his ongoing work in the fields of physics and electrodynamics. Mr. Lawrence is world-famous as a truly pioneering "player-designer-engineer" of the electric guitar.

For over forty years, Bill Lawrence has published numerous articles on the subject of guitar design, been granted numerous patents, and worked with some of the most respected companies in the guitar industry, including Framus, Gibson, and Fender which included his extensive series of pickups used in the prestigious and highly acclaimed American Deluxe Series of guitars and basses from 2004 through 2009. For more information, click here

Today, Bill Lawrence's wife Becky continues with his legacy and manufactures at his California workshop offering players his uniquely consistent quality, value, and innovation!

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